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02.10.2017 11:24

The Foundation for a Modern Democracy launched in Chisinau

The Foundation for a Modern Democracy launched in Chisinau
The Foundation for a Modern Democracy, an initiative of a group of experts and opinion leaders from the Republic of Moldova sharing the center-left values in pro-European spirit, was launched today in Chisinau, in the presence of the representatives of the political class, academia, political analysts, and mass-media.

Cristina Balan, the President of the FMD, stated that the new organization has an important objective to contribute to the development of the civil society and political class in Moldova, by ensuring a wide platform for dialogue and resetting the perceptions on the nature and the aims of the center-left policy. ”Together with the experts and opinion leaders from the Republic of Moldova who share the same progressive visions and European values, we envisage to identify, adapt and facilitate the implementation of the best Western practices, which will help us to get the Republic of Moldova out of the long-lasting transition period and to bring it alongside the developed Western countries. To do this, we need the involvement of all those who are not indifferent towards what is happening in our country”, mentioned Cristina Balan.

The President of the FMD has also added that the Foundation aims to talk openly with the foreign partners both: about the Moldova’s successes on its way of European integration, as well as about the drawbacks. ”We really want to be those who will send the signals coming from the foreign partners. We already have a lot of reactions that we have to take into account, to analyze and make them public with any occasion”, added Cristina Balan.

The main internal and external FMD projects will be focused on training for political factors and decision-makers, especially for the young generation of center-left leaders, exchange of experience with the international foundations, development of reports and analyses, organization of conferences and debates on topical issues.

The Deputy President of the Democratic Party of Moldova, Marian Lupu, a political party positioning itself on the political center-left, welcomed the launch of this initiative – the Foundation for a Modern Democracy being the first nongovernmental organization from the country which takes ideology as basis for its activity. ”It is a novelty project coming to educate the social-democratic values in the Moldovan society. There are still ideas in Moldova that social-democracy is a derivation from the former communist system. The social-democracy has its own ideas and values, which got outlined as a result of a tough fight over the history. I see the FMD contribution of major importance at the external level as well, helping Moldova on its European path”, pointed out the Deputy President of the DPM.

The President of the DPM Women’s Organization, Valentina Buliga, expressed her full confidence that this Foundation, just like similar European foundations, may contribute to increasing women’s confidence in their powers to get involved in politics and to influence the society’s life.
The historian and political analyst, Anatol Ţăranu, also welcomed the launch of the Foundation, expressing the opinion that the experience of Germany or Romania in this area could be successfully applied in Moldova. ”If you consider the proposed objectives, you have the possibility to help a lot in promotion social-democracy in Moldova. We are a poor country, in which the social-democracy does not play fully its role. When we get solid authentic social-democratic parties, our country will not be the last one Europe anymore. Unfortunately, we do not have so many experts in the area, and a real expertise in the area is more than welcome”, stated Ţăranu.

”It is nice that the civic axis gets extended. One of the transition problems is the deep social depression persisting in the region and in the Republic of Moldova. In this context, the civil society gets an important role – to create conditions for development by establishing an environment of enhancing the society by promoting certain values”, reasoned the political analyst, Roman Chircă.

The launch of the Foundation was also welcomed by the academia representatives. ”The message promoted by the new Foundation that the place of the Republic of Moldova is in EU is really plausible, and we all dream for our country to become EU’s shining case”, mentioned the Deputy Rector of the University for European Studies in Moldova, Valeriu Cerba.